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One of President Donald Trump’s top priorities on immigration if he wins a second term would be to use agreements with Central American governments as models to get countries around the world to field asylum claims from people seeking refuge in the United States, a top adviser said Friday. New York Post
VOA VIEW: A good plan.
President Trump, who has long identified as a Presbyterian, now considers himself a non-denominational Christian, a new report said. The president shared his change in religious identity in a written interview with the Religious News Service. “Though I was confirmed at a Presbyterian church as a child, I now consider myself to be a non-denominational... New York Post
CNN’s Chris Cuomo is proving himself king of the “do as I say, not as I do.” New York Post
VOA VIEW: Cuomo is an idiot.


TV ratings for the final Biden-Trump debate marked an 18% decline from the first on Sept. 29, as Nielsen estimates 63 million people watched.        USA Today
Senate Judiciary Committee chair Sen. Lindsey Graham said Friday that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will testify before the committee after Election Day. The South Carolina Republican said the two CEOs will appear voluntarily before his committee on Nov. 17, two weeks after Election Day. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: They must be stopped.
President Trump on Friday said the U.S. is "rounding the corner" on the coronavirus even as the nation recorded the second-most amount of cases since the start of the pandemic and hospital stays increased by 40% compared to a month ago. Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Sounds good.
On Sunday and Monday, the strongest wind event so far this year appears to be on the way to parts of northern California. ABC
VOA VIEW: Madness!
The Trump campaign is hoping to woo swing state voters with Biden's comments. ABC
VOA VIEW: Biden is trying the backtrack his dumb position.
Members of an Idaho health department board have voted to repeal a local mask mandate despite hearing a hospital was overwhelmed by COVID-19 patients ABC
VOA VIEW: It is, what it is.


One day after the final debate, President Trump was in Florida and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden visited Delaware as both continue battling for swing states. Ben Tracy reports. CBS
VOA VIEW: Trump will prevail.
Tech companies fear that a "blue wave" would bring more lawsuits, data privacy laws or even new enforcement agencies. CBS
VOA VIEW: Madness, if it is Biden lead.
Florida's Hispanic population features a diverse electorate, with many Cuban American voters who tend to back Republicans while most other Latino groups back Democrats. Stephanie Valencia of Equis Research joined CBSN with more on the state's Latino voters. CBS
VOA VIEW: Trump will win.
The Senate Majority Leader will file cloture for Barrett's nomination on Friday, setting up a final vote on Monday. CBS

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Less than two weeks from Election Day, 3.6 million votes have been cast in Florida and both campaigns continue to court critical voting blocs: Latino voters and seniors. CBS
Apple and Microsoft are among a flood of expected earnings, but the presidential election could loom larger for markets in the week ahead. CNBC
Between 9,000 and 10,000 facilities have opted into the program since it was announced last week, Paul Mango, a deputy chief of staff at HHS, told reporters. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Trump may be right, again.


During the final debate on Thursday, President Donald Trump said that he prepaid millions of dollars in taxes. Experts think he meant quarterly estimated payments. Here's what you should know about them. CNBC
Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar said Americans need to realize the gravity of the novel coronavirus pandemic ahead of the colder months as reported cases and hospitalizations have spiked across the country. CNN
VOA VIEW: No one really knows what will happen.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not answer questions about his health Thursday, only saying there were "no concerns" after reporters asked him about what appeared to be bruises and bandages on his hands in recent days. CNN
VOA VIEW: Dems want to make something out out of nothing.
A 115-year-old Confederate monument that was the subject of protests in Alabama this year was removed from outside a county courthouse early Friday. FOX News
Some restaurants and bars in Illinois are promising to stay open despite threats from Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker to shut down establishments that don't follow guidelines and closure orders.  FOX News

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Hurricane Epsilon will continue to stir conditions along the east coast, but is tracking away from making landfall anywhere on the U.S. FOX News
Two initiatives for air combat defenses emerged Friday from a virtual conference of defense ministers of NATO countries, the military bloc announced. UPI
Federal officials say a man who faces child pornography in North Carolina is linked to what they say were plans to carry out acts of domestic terrorism, including an attack on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. UPI
VOA VIEW: Though liberal and foolish, no one attacks another American.

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A day after U.S. intelligence officials blamed Iran for conducting an email campaign attempting to intimidate Democratic voters, the Trump administration blacklisted five Iranian entities for election meddling. UPI

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Robert Namer
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October 24, 2020

     The American press has lost credibility.  Media bias may be in the eye of the beholder, but the ability of journalists to slant the news can be demonstrated in ways that are both obvious and subtle. Blatant bias was seen in the competing presidential town halls last week. In one, NBC’s Savannah Guthrie decided the job of the moderator was to debate, attack and interrupt President Trump. In the other, ABC’s moderator George Stephanopoulos tossed softballs to Joe Biden. That’s the kind of unfairness we’re used to with respect to coverage of Trump and Republicans.

     But a more insidious form of media bias comes in the use of language and the way journalists use terms designed to favor the left. All you need to do to see examples of this is read the bible of American journalism: the AP Stylebook. Published by The Associated Press, the Stylebook has, since its first edition came out in 1953, become the leading authority on grammar and style by reporters and editors as well a corporate-communication reference guide. Its updates about how to use words have even more influence on the way Americans speak and write than dictionaries.

     While it may have started out as an objective source, as with so much of the media it serves, the Stylebook has long since discarded fairness for a liberal bias that betrays the goal of its authors and tilts the playing field against conservatives. This was on display last month when the Stylebook weighed in to re-educate Americans about the “mostly peaceful” Black Lives Matter protests that resulted in violent riots and looting in hundreds of American cities since the death of George Floyd.